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The Virtuous Woman - The Seed Within

There is a virtuous woman in you ready to spring forth regardless of who you are and what you do. God is not bound by nationalities, denominations, or class. He has no discrimination rule, the only requirement He has for you is, do you want to choose the freedom to live your life as God intended it to be?

Now the time has come to loose the chains that bind you, the time has come for freedom in your life. You are not a slave to the job, to your husband or to your children, but a precious child in His sight worth much value. It is time to stop degrading yourself, it is time to rise up to what He has called you to be. He is not concerned with who you are as He is about revealing your true self to you. It is hidden there behind the shell, behind the many facades you wear, beckoning to be free and tired of being bounded by relationships, friendships and family.

You have a voice that needs to be heard but you have kept your pain hidden away for so long, the pain of being a woman in today’s world. There was no one there, no one wanted to help, no one wanted to talk. You have felt confusion, loneliness and deep emotional pain. God says, release that voice that is inside of you to heal, to grow and to experience joy. His life is inside of you ready to burst forth as the seeds of a plant surrending itself and spreading to replenish the earth. You are His seed, His seed is alive inside of you, ready to go forth to be birthed into a virtuous woman. Will you let His seed be birthed or succumb to what you think or what this world dictates you are?

You are much more precious to Him. He sees what is inside of you. What no one else can see. He knows what He put there, and it is good, beautiful, worthy and of much value. And as you go through this process He will be there to remove the scarring and bring it forth so you can confront those hidden fears. His balm is there to soothe even the deepest scars you have. As you let His balm, which is His spirit overflow and fill your crevices, you will be like a rose in full bloom breath taking without the artificial facade that you wear while facing this world. He is removing the outer shell, removing what you have developed and produced. It takes much prying to loosen that shell and many things will be revealed to you as your true self emerges like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis. Once the process ends, the butterfly is free and that is what He wants you to be, free to enjoy this life that He has given. He has a full life in store for you. He will come in and abide with you and show you those things yet to be revealed, His hopes, His desires and His dreams. You have a purpose to fulfill and creation is groaning, waiting for your purpose to be completed.


Come on in the tables spread and find food for your soul as you journey towards wholeness

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