Inner Truth

“Behold, You desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart” (Psalms 51:6, Amplified).


Some of us have deep emotional scares due to neglect, verbal or physical abuse, but all of us bear the effects of our own sinful nature as well as the imperfection of others. Whether our hurts are deep or relatively mild, it is better to be truthful about them in the context of affirming relationships so that healing can begin.


Many mistakenly believe that God does not want us to be honest about our hurts, for fear He would be upset, disown and classify us as unfit for His use.  So we pretend with each other and with Him, all the while failing to receive what He has to give to help us through our problems.


It is only when we are completely honest with Him and ourselves that we are truly spiritual.  Spirituality isn’t just a feel good feeling; it’s being honest and real with Him.  As we are real with Him we can appropriate His truth and the healing balm of His love to our every area of need.