Being Sharpened

"Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend " (Proverb 27:17).

Many times as memories, situations from the past and circumstances arise we separate ourselves from the one thing that God has placed in our lives to help us. People are a continual source of conflict in our lives and this is designed by God. When conflict arises we are forced to make a choice to act upon the principles that we have heard in the word of God. We have a choice to become dull of hearing or sharp as a two edged sword.

When two pieces of iron are placed together in the correct balance and design they sharpen each other. In this process is pain, fire and growth. So it is with us as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ we all have areas in our lives God is sharpening, or removing. If we are all honest we can say there are certain things in other people that just grate on us, that cause frustration. These things are tools that God is using to heal us and set us free from ourselves. This process involves tearing down walls we have built and allowing the iron of another to come in and touch us in those painful places. As we yield to the process we will become an instrument of righteousness ready to be used in the hand of our God.

So when memories from the past come crashing in, when circumstances tempt you to build that wall search out brother or sister and allow the iron in them to sharpen the iron in you.