Healing Love Outreach Ministries




Emergency Food Program

We are considered an emergency food provider. We provide families with a food box once a month.  We participate in the angel food ministries. If you would like to feed a family the cost is $25.00 per box.

Clothing Program

In addition to providing food, we allow the families and individuals the opportunity to shop for clothing they are in need of.  We do this through the use of gift cards from Walmart, Target, Kmart or any other discount store.   If you would like to help click donations.

After-School Programs

  • Stepping Stones - weekly dance, art and music classes for young beginners (ages 3-12) with a focus on reading, writing and drawing to create movement from topics pertinent to youth.
  • Junior Company - young performers (ages 8-12) who take their message into the community promoting respect for others, determination, patience and a commitment to dance as a means of individual expression.
  • Men in Motion - teaches workplace values and displine in young men.
  • Apprentice Corporation - intensive training for serious students (ages 13-18) that uses the discipline of various forms to teach problem solving and critical thinking. Ninety percent of Apprentice corporation program graduates continue on to college or technical school.
  • School Arts - in-school solutions for helping children learn and resolve conflicts.  MITS offers teacher training, workshops, residencies and performances to assist in the learning process.
  • Mentoring Program - students paried with adults volunteers who act as positive role models assisting children with homework, college perparation and exposing them to new educational and cultural experiences.  Seventy-five percent of students who were matched in the program for six months or more last year either improved their grades or maintained a straight A average.


We provide counseling for any and all youth or adults.  We currently need your help sponsoring those in need of counseling.

12 Step Programs

Addiction is rampant in our society.  We are going to launch one of our newest programs in the near future, more details to come.

Adopt -A-Grandparent Program

The Adopt-A-Grandparent Program seeks to enhance the lives of seniors through Companionship, Health and Wellness, Community Involvement and Spiritual Growth and Healing producing empowered, healthy, laughter-prone individuals.

The Adopt-A-Grandparent Program is the ideal forum to exercise your gifts of loving, listening and caring for others.  If you have a love for the older generation, here is an opportunity to use your creativity in service, even if you have no prior experience.  The main requirement of your volunteer position with Adopt-A-Grandparent is to learn how to receive the gifts the seniors give you.  This is an art that takes some doing since most of us are much better givers than receivers.  There are three options for volunteer opportunities with Adopt-A-Grandparent.  They are: a Friend, an On-Call Driver or a Board Member.

Youth Programs

  • Summer camp - Takin It To The Streets Summer Day camp provides academics, creative, recreational, social and spiritual enrichment for children seven weeks during the summer.  Campers are able to participate in field trips, overnight excursions and extracurricular activities.
  • Worship and fellowship - Takin It To The Streets staff, neighbors and friends gather each month for dinner, worship and fellowship.  This gathering is the spiritual center by connecting our faith with our actions.
  • Athletic Teams - Takin it To The Streets participates in a variety of youth sports leagues, in basketball, soccer, basketball, softball and flag-football leagues.
  • Kid's Club - Takin It To The Streets Kid's Club is hosted in neighborhood homes weekly and provides small group discipleship for children.  Kids participate in a snack, craft, Bible lesson and occasional field trips.


Recreation Facilities
Computer Classes
Job Center