Healing Love Outreach Ministries



Hi my name is Sean.

I came to the summer program at Takin It To The Streets.  The staff loved me and helped me see that God    cares about me.  One day they invited my family to come in for the day and gave us food, and a place to live.  We had been living in a one bedroom apartment with eight of us.  New we have a nice house and I have my own bed. 

Thank you so much.

Hi Mike here.

I have been involved with takin It To The Streets long before it was in existence.  I was a young boy on the streets when I ran into the director and after 5 years realized college was the place for me not the streets.  Now I have the opportunity to daily meet needs and be an example to other young men.  I can show them hope that nothing can stop them if they dream.  Thank you Takin It To The Streets for giving me a place to work and shine.
I Love the Bible stories at Takin It To The Streets.  I know God loves me and the food is great too.

Summer camp is a blast. I am learning so much and can now read.